Currently residing in Atlanta, GA  and raised in Killeen, TX, Charlie Venus is hip hop artist, songwriter, director, and co-CEO of Family Ties Music.   While heavily influenced by classic albums and artists from Hip Hop's Golden Era, the "Charlie Venus sound" combines the lyricism of yesteryear with the sonic rhythms of today. That is- dope bars and hooks on top of dope beats.     The deep southern roots that molded him as a man are the same deep southern roots that shape every word in every story from Charlie. 

With hot songs penned for other up and upcoming artists, Charlie is dropping the follow up to The Bel-Air with a fresh playlist, The Bel-Air 2: Live from 1999.  Carefully crafted, The Bel-Air 2: Live from 1999 will be another jewel appreciated by all music lovers.

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Charlie Venus | Owner | Artist | Songwriter